Latest Projects

Project 1

Repair the revenue property in Grande Prairie which was acquired as an investment to support the Foundation.  
Ironically Sugar Bird has incurred the wrath of mental health itself, resulting in the need for the current fundraiser

The house is located north of Edmonton where the Petroleum Industry has been strong, and the rental income most beneficial in supporting many of the programs funded by the Foundation.
Unfortunately, the current recession has held Albertans in an economic downturn for the last 2 to 3 years, with Grande Prairie being hit particularly hard.  Much of the strong working community vacated back home and to other cities,, leaving an overbuilt housing industry and a massive amount of empty rental properties.  At first, the Sugar Bird Foundation  was able to lower rents enough to retain their Tenants. In the meantime, the tenants were presented with purchasing opportunities at a fraction of the usual retail price of a new home and they provided notice.  Sugar Bird was not so fortunate with their next Tenants. 
The next tenant never paid rent. Sugar Bird endeavoured to work with her the first month until unending excuses resulted in having to file for an eviction.  The Courts were backed up, so it took over a month to be seen by a Judge who believed the Tenant should be given an additional 30 days to come up with the rent before Sugar Bird could proceed with the eviction process.  A couple of weeks later and still no rent. Bob Hamilton had to enter the premises for maintenance purposes, and to allow Aquaterra to turn off the water, as they had never paid a utility bill. 
The house was a scary mess.  Knee high in what turned out to be a massive amount of stolen clothing, shoes and boots, garbage and mould, Bob assumed with no water, the tenant would move out of the house. This was not to be.  The tenant continued the rampage of damage to walls, flooring, cabinets and appliances and stayed for an additional three weeks.
Between the nine loads of garbage to the municipal dump, the repair of the damages and the missing rents and the months it took to repair the property, Sugar Bird was behind by $30,000.00.
We believe every bit helps.  If you can afford to send us $25 or $50 it would be most appreciated.  Even $10 would be great.  In return Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation promises to utilize all their funds on programming with less than 2% used for overhead.  
Sugar Bird can also provide you with a charitable tax receipt if you could provide us with your contact information, mailing address and/or email to

Project 2

Bob recently was visiting Have Hammers, a not for profit organization in Ajijic operated by the Rotary Club.  A place where they teach both young and old how to do woodworking and all the projects they create are sold to provide funding for the Rotary Club and its woodworking endeavours.  It turned out that this organization also had an Orphanage under it's care, an orphanage where Norah has previously volunteered, and where recently the gentleman who taught at Have Hammers and the Hope House Orphanage had become too ill to teach anymore.  

It happened that Bob with his Red Seal Carpentry and his Master Journeyman Cabinet Making tickets, never mind his artistic approach to all that he creates, walked through the door just as they were lamenting how they were going to replace their Instructor.  

Hence Sugar Bird has now pledging to not only provide Bob as a volunteer Instructor, they will also donate funds for new tools, equipment and materials.  Bob and Norah are looking forward to being more involved with both the Rotary Club in Drumheller, as well as the one in Ajijic and the Hope House Orphanage.

Project 3

Continued support of Habit for Humanity and the Shinah House Foundation.