Medical Tourism and Small Business Incubator (Coming 2020)


Medical Tourism Travel Inc (MTTI) is an on-line Medical Tourism facilitator that operates as the primary profit centre of an organization called The Way to Travel, a small business incubator.

Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation (SB) is going to be sponsored by a new medical tourism operations. Medical Tourism Travel Inc (MTTI) is an on-line Medical Tourism facilitator. MTTI is employing emerging technologies to guide and care for Travellers seeking affordable and critical point health care. MTTI will donate 1% of their gross proceeds to SB.  

MTTI will offer a User-Friendly tool to aid Travellers in planning, booking and organizing all aspects of their trip from flights and accommodations to restaurants and entertainment, in terms of the most appropriate services for their health concerns. Users will be able to drop desired services into a Shopping Cart. From there, they can elect to organize their trip themselves or have the entire trip scheduled and facilitated by MTTI.

Initially offering services in Canada and the Guadalajara areas, the project is designed to expand globally. The state of the art technologies will be used in a variety of capacities, always cultivating employment and ethics while promoting the crucial overlying principals of sustainability.

Small Business Incubator 

The next generation of successful businesses will be global in nature and driven by profit centers that value social impact, resource utilization, ecological considerations and good will, right alongside of their monetary return. These business will be built through highly effective ERP solutions, coupled with self-employed entrepreneurs collaborating, contributing and owning a piece of their own success. These emerging companies and Startups will be founded on ethical, sweat equity and forced savings principles that not only generate great job satisfaction, tax sheltered ROI, but investment opportunities for both their Mentors and Angel Investors.

The Ubers, Air B&B's and Amazon‘s of the world derive their success from developing platforms where the entrepreneurs’ contribution has a direct impact on the perceived value for both the consumer and the provider.  Platforms where self-employed individuals and companies operate from a success paradigm where not only are they given employment but a variety of tools that enhance their small businesses, market them, educate them in the best avenues for success and even assistance in pricing, and then grades their results.  Businesses of the future will more frequently operate from a win/win formula where logarithms evaluate the operators’ efforts, and are valued by the organization as much as the consumer for their contribution, collaboration, service, manufacturing and distribution abilities. All of which is being nurtured by the parent company in an efforts to scale and derive a cohesive business structure. 

Through the ability to coordinate resources a small business incubator is the most effective means for individuals and small businesses to obtain their best ROI for their financial, intellectual and physical efforts regardless of what level of investment they have into the organization. 

Sugar Bird is specifically looking for volunteers and partners to operate a small business incubator. Initially they will be offering a free course on how to develop a Business Plan and a Cash flow Projection.  They are in the process of partnering with a micro loans foundation, and hope to also attract Angel Investors and Mentors to this Cause.