In Alberta, households relying on social assistance receive significantly more funding than other places in Canada and certainly well over other parts of the world, and yet medical and mental health issues still make for difficult lifestyle and nutritional choices.

More than 15,000 Alberta families are still waiting for a home, and changes to who qualifies for affordable housing in 2018 will not reverse this ever increasing demographic. On a per capita basis, Alberta has approximately half the number of rental housing units as the rest of Canada—and that gap has grown in the past 25 years. Housing is so important as one of the pillars for psychological stability.

Sugar Bird also depends on housing to provide funding to their organization from a revenue property in Grande Prairie which it acquired as an investment to support the Foundation.  Bob and Norah manage it on behalf of the Foundation by donating their time and talents to its operation. In addition, they frequently donate and volunteer locally and in third world countries, partnering with Hope For the Nations to build Orphanages and housing with Habitats for Humanity for the underprivileged. They are currently taking on a new project where the Hamilton’s will be assisting to equip and then teach woodworking and home building at an orphanage just south of Guadalajara.

Our Community

Sugar Bird has provided funding and many volunteer hours to assist in a variety of non-profit organizations operating in Drumheller, and across Alberta from Grande Prairie to Cardston. Norah and Bob Hamilton are also founding members of the Drumheller Chapter of Habitats for Humanity. Helping people in need access affordable housing in our community.  They have donated significantly to the Build that is hoping to serve two disadvantaged families by constructing a duplex in Drumheller the Summer of 2018. 

Norah and Bob are working on a project that involes their corporation; where they will donate $500 for every property that is sold over the next two years. They also anticipate being involved with the development of R.A.Hamilton & Associates Inc. Sagebrush Resorts, that would also see $500 per house sold , donated to Sugar Bird. Meanwhile they are slowly moving forward with a green small homes housing development where they hope to  similarly have the opportunity to donate $500 for every house that is sold in the Sagebrush Resort project. 


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Mental Health

According to the Mental Health Commission statistics “this year alone more than seven million Canadians will experience a mental illness. That’s one in five people and about 700,000 Albertans.

There is no denying that the issue is huge and costly for individuals and their families, as well as our economy. Norah and Bob Hamilton work largely in the area of mental health; while frequently donating and volunteering with the Sinah House Foundation (where Norah has volunteered for 5 years) creating programs specifically for those with mental health issues.