About Us

Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation (SBCF) is a small private charity that focuses on three areas - Poverty, Mental Health, and the Community of Drumheller.  The Principals are Norah and Bob Hamilton.


The Foundation was formed in 2006, to honour Norah Bird Hamilton’s Mother who never thought twice about stepping in and assisting, inviting people into their home. She would feed, encourage and fundraise for many worthwhile cause.  Generous without a thought, Ellen Bird was born in Dominica and raised mostly in the West India’s as a child.  She made sure her children understood how they, unlike so many others of the world were fortunate enough to have been born in Canada with all the privileges, blessings and opportunities provided by such circumstance.


Along with their regular funding efforts, Sugar Bird works closely with R.A. Hamilton & Associates Inc who cover all Sugar Bird’s expenses from administration, travel, management and accounting services.